How to care Peruvian Hair Extensions

As hair extensions can be expensive hair systems, so you need to ensure that you take proper care of them. This will ensure that your system...

As hair extensions can be expensive hair systems, so you need to ensure that you take proper care of them. This will ensure that your system lasts for many years for you to use.

Proper maintenance procedure

Peruvian hair extensions are prepared by donors hair. When attached to the hair system, the strands don’t get any amount of nourishment naturally from the scalp. It becomes difficult to maintain the natural softness and shine of the strands.
If you are using natural hair extension, then proper maintenance is important so its natural softness and shine is maintained for many years. You have to select best hair care products to keep them tangle free and shiny.

Procedure for maintenance

1. Detangle the strands
This is an important step you have to follow before shampooing your system. You have to use soft brush to detangle the strands. Wide bristle detangle brush is ideal piece of tool to select. When removing the tangles, ensure you brush from the base to the top of the extension. Also ensure that you hold it properly or place it on the extension stand.

2. Wash gently
Apply shampoo to the Peruvian Hair at least once a week. This will help in removing any accumulated dust and debris from the strands. It will also clean the hair system from microbes and other bacteria that get accumulated because of hair glue. If you are using one that is curly textured, then shampoo it very often.
When shampooing, you should use gentle strokes as rubbing it will only damage your hair strands. Rinse the hair system with lukewarm water gently. You can use your finger or soft brush to remove excess shampoo.

3. Use mild moisturizer
To maintain softness, you can also apply mild moisturizer or conditioner and leave it for few minutes. Next you have to rinse away all excess moisturizer or conditioner from the base of the hair extension. After this allow the hair extension to dry naturally on a hair extension stand. You can also add more hair strands if you want.
Once completely dried, you can also make use of deep hair conditioner to offer it with extra softness and shine. To offer it with long lasting life, you have to massage little hot oil. This will ensure that the color of the Peruvian hair extensions is maintained for many years.

4. Styling hair extension
One of the most important factors to keep in mind is to maintain your hair extension tangle free. When combing you need to ensure you apply gentle pressure only. When brushing always try and brush smaller selected sections of the extension at a time. Also maintaining the right direction of brushing is important or else you will rip off the strands from the hair system. The higher level of precaution will always ensure that you can get to enjoy wearing the Peruvian hair extensions for many years.

5. Proper support
While brushing you have to support the hair system firmly so it does not move much. This step is important when the system has a lot of tangles that needs to be removed. You can best make use of de-tangling brush that can be stroked in upwards direction. You can now style the hair extension as you like in any way. You can make use of slight blow dry to curl the strands or a flat iron to maintain straight hair.

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